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Froud and Lee’s impish Puck is endearing at a glance, but I wonder what others think of his impish smile.  The longer you look at it the more sinister it becomes.  He’s cute compared to the original character of Puck in this 1628 print, which perhaps says something more socially.

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Puck 1628

The text is well worth the read for a look into Celtic mythology in the throes of Christianization.  The original digitalized text many be read at the British Library online at  https://www.bl.uk/collection-items/robin-goodfellow-his-mad-pranks-and-merry-jests-1639


The research on the origins of Puck and the changes in his persona are fascinating and perhaps this post had piqued someone’s attention who would love to write a mythical sci-fi fantasy about Puck.  At this point, that is what’s selling and it’s important to know the trends.  Generally, when there is a rapid change in technology, sci-fi and fantasy up-tick.

What I wanted to demonstrate was how easy it is to find subject matter to write about.  My choice may or may not have interested you, but if you have a general interest and the internet, you can wander until you find something that fascinates you.  Be warned, you must find a topic, wandering too long and being afraid that if you focus down on one subject, you will miss something exclusive and exciting someplace else is a self defeating block.  The opportunity and the fodder for words float around in your head all day long.  The first step to being a writer is to learn how to capture these thoughts, preferably as candid as they first emerge.  Words in thought are fleeting; take the time to record some of them throughout the day.  For this I recommend either a voice recorder or notebook.  Someway to record the words that describe the memory you want to preserve.

The second step to being a good writer it to file this work someplace retrievable.   Some people enjoy having to excavate through scraps of paper all over the place with little notes scribbled on them.  It’s good to have multiple options to cover various situations but the more outlets you have, the more your  time is divided and the actual less time you have to write.  We are going to be looking at some of technology out there for those unfamiliar with a pad of paper and pencil.  I personally would love to see something that could integrate voice and text and be easily managed (and affordable).  When I write at night, I write on a paper tablet with a pencil.  I find it immensely satisfying to do so, which means that the process of handwriting on a legal pad works for me.  in the morning when I write, I type.  I would also love to see some way to integrate my hand written work to text, but then again not really.  I know that I can photograph my pages and save them as PDF files via my CamScanner app on my phone, but typing the words into a file becomes the first point of editing, an important step; it must be done by hand. The point is, that work must be retrievable.  Is it worth the time investment to type it into a file?  I personally say yes, because even though you may find it unappealing at the moment, there may be something significant in there for later use.  I have an ASUS Transformer at bedside, so I already have a solution at hand.  The problem is developing the habit and establishing that “immensely satisfying” connection, but I think this warrants trying.  Again, the point being, your work must be retrievable in some sort of format that works for you.  Find out what it is, we’re going to look at some.

This is our first step in exploring all the elements of becoming a writer.  We begin with exploring what works for you.  are also going to explore all the elements of becoming a writer, first and foremost what works for each of us, what we feel we need to capture, and how we develop our voice. To that I hope we develop various feeds and ideas.





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